Membership in the Albuquerque Press Club is open to men and women of legal age who qualify, in the Board’s judgment, under one of the following classifications: (click the name to see the details)P1010353-19

How is the APC managed and operated?

The APC has a Board of Directors that oversees the management of the club while providing valuable volunteer services necessary for the successful operation of the club. This board consists of officers who are elected to one year terms and have specific responsibilities.  These positions include the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The president stays on for a single year after his/her term has ended as a director with the title of “past president”.

In addition to the officers, we have six directors, elected to staggered two year terms.  These are the people who are expected to handle many of the regular operating functions of the club.  Each director is expected to accept personal responsibility for one or more areas of club operations. Oftentimes they develop a committee to assist them in their endeavors which include: managing the membership database system, production of a newsletter, regular auditing of our books, building maintenance, directing social events, managing art shows, and more.

The Board of directors meets monthly to maintain currency and to approve changes as well as approving new memberships

Is the staff paid or do they volunteer?

We have a paid bar staff., bartenders and club manager, and a very part time cleaning person who picks up where the bartenders duties leave off.  We have a large volunteer staff of elected officers and directors as well as individuals who volunteer for occasional duty.

How do I get involved in the APC community?

Our club has a lot to offer, it also has a lot of continuing needs.  The social events we put on don’t just happen, somewhere there is a volunteer behind the scenes putting the effort to make it happen.  Maintaining our books, our membership roster, our records, are all done by members who volunteer their time and sit on our Board of Directors. Fresh paint, yard cleanup, repairs and maintenance, watering the yard or the plants, fixing the leaking pipes, replacing the bad electrical fixtures, patching the leaky roof, maintaining the evaporative cooler, and more, are some of the things done by our volunteers.  If you’re willing to participate in any of this, we have a place for you.

How do I become a member?

Both professional press and social memberships are available.  Applications are available in the clubhouse.  Your completed application, submitted to the bartender with payment, will be considered at the next regularly scheduled (monthly) board meeting.

For more information on the types of membership we offer, go to our Membership page.

What are the benefits of membership?

  •  You may participate in selection of the board that manages the club
  •  You may become part of the management of the club through election to the board of directors
  •  You may participate in the various committees that make our club operate.
  •  You get a $.50 discount on each or your drinks
  •  You participate in making both Albuquerque and our small APC community a better place to live and participate in life.


You may qualify for Journalist membership if your primary activity fits into one of the following groups or if you have worked for 10 years or more in one of the following groups:

  1. Reporter, editor, writer, publisher; editorial and news cartoonist or artist; news photographer or videographer; producer, president or general manager; librarian, web master or other editorial employee of a regularly issued news outlet that is supported by advertising , paid subscriptions, or funded by a non – profit organization.( Organization must operate with editorial independence from any political, government, commercial or special interest and must be published for the primary dissemination of the news.)
  2. Journalism instructors, professors and deans at the college level.
  3. Non-fiction authors.


You may qualify for Communicator membership if your primary activity fits into one of the following groups or if you spent 5 or more years in one of the following groups or the groups listed as Journalist.

  1. Non-editorial employees for qualified news outlets such as business managers, advertising managers, circulation managers, promotion managers and system operators.
  2. Current and retired press aides for foreign or domestic governments.
  3. News Source members have regular contact with the ‘working press,’ such as public relation/communications professionals.
  4. Authors of books or plays, editors of books or film, poets, television or film script writers, book publishers, and those who work in the film and television industry.
  5. Blogger or other internet media publisher
  6. Student members who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate journalism programs; or work on campus publications, broadcast outlets or news internet sites; or who otherwise intern or work part-time for qualified news outlets.
  7. Writers, editors, publishers of company or industry newsletters who spend 40 or more hours monthly in these endeavors.


Social membership is open to persons who live or work in New Mexico, and have common interests with the Club’s members and purposes.


Honorary membership may be awarded to any person the Board may wish to honor with membership, subject to annual review by each incoming Board.


Retired membership is open to any Journalist, Communicator, or Social member who has retired from his or her employment or occupation.  One year of Club membership in the Journalist, Communicator, or Social category is required before a member may apply for status as a Retired Member.

1 2 3 4

The Board shall by vote be the sole and final authority with regard to the membership classification to which an applicant or Club member is entitled.  Any member who ceases to be eligible for a given classification may be transferred to the appropriate classification at such time as the Board deems.

New members must be sponsored by an existing member.  If you wish to join, discuss membership with a club member or the bartender on duty.  

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to set all membership fees and limits.  The current amounts (established December 2019) are:

  1. Membership initiation fee $20.00
  2. Annual Membership dues
    1. Journalist Member $30.00
    2. Communicator Member $40.00
    3. Social Member $90.00
      1. Service Industry $60.00
      2. First Responders $60.00
    4. Retired Member $50.00
    5. Spouse Member (attached to any of the above memberships) $25.00
    6. Corporate Member see discount schedule below.
    7. Lifetime Membership fee    $900.00 (10X Social membership) available to existing members only
    8. Honorary Membership $5.00
  3. Late Renewal Fee $20.00
  4. Reinstatement Fee $20.00

Corporate membership pricing:

Membership is open to any business or organization, with operating interests in New Mexico, that operates in the communications industry, or that supports the interests of the APC. Persons individually eligible for membership rights under the corporate membership are subject to Board approval as with any new applicants. Corporate memberships may include any number of individuals, providing they are bona-fide employees of said company or employees or members of said organization. Each corporate member enjoys the full privileges of membership including a vote.

Base charge equals four times the regular rate for which the entity qualifies (classifications a-c). Additional members of the organization may join at one half of the standard rate that they would qualify for individually. The additional members may join for a full year at any time while the corporate membership is active. If/when the corporate membership expires, individual members may not renew as a corporate member (at corporate rates) but may renew as a regular member at the regular rate.

All prospective members are subject to normal approval procedures.


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Art Shows at the APC

Jana Opincariu
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