Membership in the Albuquerque Press Club is open to men and women of legal age who qualify, in the Board’s judgment, under one of the following classifications: (click the name to see the details)P1010353-19

Out-of-town Professional

Out-of-town professional membership is open to persons who fulfill the membership requirements of Subsection A (Journalist) of this Section and whose place of business is not within the standard statistical metropolitan area of Albuquerque.


Life membership is open to members who fulfill the membership requirements of Subsection A, B, C, or F of this Section.  A Life member shall enjoy all the rights of membership.


Spousal membership is open to the spouse, as defined by New Mexico State Law, of a member in good standing.  A spousal membership shall be attached to the sponsoring members membership and shall expire concurrently with said membership.  A spousal member shall enjoy all the rights of membership except for the right to vote and hold elective office.


Four (minimum) primary members (of a cohesive group) pay full Social Membership fees (Social or Social with Spouse)and are in good standing. Additional (secondary) members in the organization may join at one half of the standard (social membership) rate excepting there is no discount on the $25 spousal membership up-charge.


Section 1: Interpretation.  On all questions arising as to interpretation to these Bylaws or any provision herein, the decision of the WHPF Board is final.

Section 2: Amendment.  These Bylaws may be amended at the WHPF Annual Meeting or a duly called special meeting of the WHPF membership, or by a mail referendum.  To be adopted, a proposed amendment must receive a two-thirds affirmative vote from those present and entitled to vote at the WHPF Annual Meeting or a WHPF special meeting or a two-thirds affirmative vote from those entitled to cast ballots in a mail referendum.  Amendments may be proposed by the Board, or by petition signed by no less than 20 percent of the members.  The entire text of the proposed amendments must be mailed to the WHPF membership and posted on the APC bulletin board no less than 20 days before the WHPF Annual or WHPF special meeting or beginning of a mail referendum.

Section 3. Members Bound. All WHPF members, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution and thereafter, are bound thereby.

Amended by board action, June 24, 2008

Amended by board action, December 03, 2018

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The Board shall by vote be the sole and final authority with regard to the membership classification to which an applicant or Club member is entitled.  Any member who ceases to be eligible for a given classification may be transferred to the appropriate classification at such time as the Board deems.

New members must be sponsored by an existing member.  If you wish to join, discuss membership with a club member or the bartender on duty.  

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to set all membership fees and limits.  The current amounts (established December 2019) are:

  1. Membership initiation fee $20.00
  2. Annual Membership dues
    1. Journalist Member $30.00
    2. Communicator Member $40.00
    3. Social Member $90.00
      1. Service Industry $60.00
      2. First Responders $60.00
    4. Retired Member $50.00
    5. Spouse Member (attached to any of the above memberships) $25.00
    6. Corporate Member see discount schedule below.
    7. Lifetime Membership fee    $900.00 (10X Social membership) available to existing members only
    8. Honorary Membership $5.00
  3. Late Renewal Fee $20.00
  4. Reinstatement Fee $20.00

Corporate membership pricing:

Membership is open to any business or organization, with operating interests in New Mexico, that operates in the communications industry, or that supports the interests of the APC. Persons individually eligible for membership rights under the corporate membership are subject to Board approval as with any new applicants. Corporate memberships may include any number of individuals, providing they are bona-fide employees of said company or employees or members of said organization. Each corporate member enjoys the full privileges of membership including a vote.

Base charge equals four times the regular rate for which the entity qualifies (classifications a-c). Additional members of the organization may join at one half of the standard rate that they would qualify for individually. The additional members may join for a full year at any time while the corporate membership is active. If/when the corporate membership expires, individual members may not renew as a corporate member (at corporate rates) but may renew as a regular member at the regular rate.

All prospective members are subject to normal approval procedures.


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