2010 Bridge Construction

  • When our neighbor to the South installed his iron fence a few years back he restricted the egress from our building to below minimum requirements. The requirement is for 36″ minimum clear passageway to the street. From the bottom step to the fence was 24″, from the outside of the porch to the fence was 30″. Since we couldn’t move our building, we built a bridge instead. Here you see to bridge support structure, wrapped in a sealant to protect it from the weather, set on concrete foundation pads.
  • Here the bridge is almost complete. The railing on the right needs cutting and terminating, then it’s ready for prime and paint. This bridge provides the minimum egress requirement by providing a clear path of travel, 36″+ wide, to the porch then to the street. An added benefit, people seem to like this way of accessing the clubhouse. The flight deck door gets used far more now than it did in the past.

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