2010 Fire Alarm Installation

The Fire Marshal told us we could not regain our assembly occupancy, thus allowing more than 49 people in the building at once, unless and until we installed a commercial fire alarm. This required engineering, permits, and hardware installation. The new hardware is pictured and described below.

  • The main Control Panel. It’s in the closet off the SE corner of the Green Room.
  • Adjacent to the front door are a pull station and the control panel.
  • Adjacent to the door on the flight deck is another pull station. There is a pull station at each exterior door (4) and a fifth pull station upstairs, outside the boardroom.
  • The pull station outside the boardroom.
  • And, there are a bunch of sensors, heat and smoke. In fact, there is a sensor in every room, every closet, even in the walk-in cooler. Maybe it seems excessive, that’s the rules. This sensor is on the ceiling of the flight deck.
  • Another sensor, this one on the ceiling of the boardroom.
  • Another sensor, this one on the ceiling of the Green Room.
  • There are alarms throughout the building. These alarms are both audible (a siren) and visual (a flashing strobe). This one is in the front room. Notice the occupancy load sigh above the siren, this is a requirement for several rooms. The load shown is for that room, not for the building in general. Each room has it’s own load limit.
  • At the back door from the downstairs room we have an alarm adjacent to the exit sign and a pull station down by the light switch.

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