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P1010349-15Our clubhouse is available for private parties use by our members.  Use is not exclusive unless it is on a day we would otherwise be closed.

If you wish to schedule a private party, familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions listed below, then, for pricing and a contract, contact the club events manager using the address below, or click here for our contact form.

Club Rental Agreement, Terms and Conditions:

  1. The sponsoring member(s) is/are responsible for being familiar with the APC House Rules, and the rules outlined in this agreement, and accept responsibility for their guests’ actions and enforcement of the rules relative to their guests conduct.  All guests must be personally invited by the host/hostess, in writing (e-mail is fine), with no charge to the guest to attend.
  2. Under no circumstances may sponsor or guest bring any beverage onto club property.
  3. All guests will sign in immediately upon entry.  Sponsors will incur an additional charge of $5 for each guest not signed in after a reasonable length of time (bartenders opinion).  A guest list may be provided in advance, in which case only additional guests need sign in.
  4. It is understood that the charge for clubhouse rental is a function of the number of people in attendance.  It is the responsibility of the host/hostess to accurately predict the number of guests when reserving the club.  The sponsor will be charged at the rate of 150% of the per person rate herein agreed for each individual in excess of the reservation number.
  5. Food may be served in the green room, the brick room, or the dart room, cleanup is the responsibility of the host/hostess.  If additional cleaning is required, it will be charged against the host/hostess damage and cleaning deposit. It the deposit is inadequate to cover the costs involved, the host/hostess will be responsible for the additional costs.
  6. Reservation of the club for less than 30 people is not exclusive (another event may be scheduled at the same time).  Small groups may reserve only rooms on one floor, except the green room may be used for food for front room and boardroom events.
  7. Reservation of the club during regular operating hours will not exclude members from any personal use of the facilities during the reserved time.
  8. Rates quoted assume functions held during normal operating hours.  Additional charges will apply for functions held outside normal operating hours.
  9. Reservations are not made, a date and time is not secured, until the completed application, accompanied by the appropriate deposit, has been received by the club, and club management has determined the appropriateness of the event for our facility and the availability of the facility for the time requested.
  10. Final payment is due prior to the event, on the day of the event.  If there are any additional charges, these will be tallied and billed, with final payment due within 30 days of billing.
  11. In the event of a reservation cancellation by the host/hostess, refund of the deposit will be made, less a $30. service charge, if written notice is received 60 days prior to the reserved date.  A refund will be made less a $50 service charge if written notice is received at least 30 days but less than 60 days prior to the reserved date.  No deposit refund will be made for cancellation less than 30 days prior to the reserved date.  In any event, a complete refund will be made for the amounts charged as “bar amount” and “cleaning fee” if cancellation is made 3 days or more prior to the reserved date.
  12. The club may require the sponsor to provide security if, in the opinion of the club’s representative, it is warranted.  Whether security is required or not, the actions of the guests and any costs the club incurs as a result of inappropriate actions are the responsibility of the sponsor.
  13. Enforcement of the rules of conduct is the responsibility of the host/hostess.  The ultimate authority is the bartender, and, in the event that the bartender believes intervention is appropriate, any action taken will be at his/her discretion.
  14. The club is not responsible for the property or personal safety of any guests.

Under no circumstances may sponsor or guest bring any beverage onto club property. 

This is item number 2 under terms and conditions. This is a really big deal to us, and to you. We (APC) are subject to regular unannounced checks by state, county, and city law enforcement.  A liquor law violation includes any member or guest bringing onto club property (including porches, yards, and patios) any alcoholic beverage for any reason. Two cans of beer could constitute two violations. Other examples would include: “mini’s”, flasks, alcohol in a water bottle, wine that’s intended as a gift, etc., whether opened or not.

To us:

1. Each violation can result in a fine to the APC of $20,000 (per container) plus loss of our license (putting us out of business). 

2. It is a felony for the bartender to allow this, whether he knows it or not. Each violation can result in a $5,000 fine to the bartender plus 6 months in jail plus permanent loss of his servers certificate (taking away his job forever).

Therefore, we will insist that you and your guests bring in absolutely no beverages of any kind. We reserve the right to immediately terminate your party for a single infraction and remove every one of your guests immediately for any single infraction. Additionally, there will be no refund of the damage/ cleaning deposit.

You may use these invites, click here.

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