Support the Whittlesey House

The membership of the Albuquerque Press Club sponsor a 501c-3 non-profit, The Whittlesey House Preservation Foundation, dedicated to the maintainence and renovation of our historic clubhouse.

What are we?
We are a non-profit, established by the Albuquerque Press Club, dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of historic structures.

The WHPF is a New Mexico Corporation, organized as a 501 C-3 under the rules of, and approved by, the IRS.

Employer Identification Number: 46-0511384
Deductibility Status: Public Charity
Deductibility of Contributions: Deductible consistent with Public Charity rules.

You may document our current status on-line at the website.

Donations: may be made by check to the bartender or the club manager. Make check payable to the “Whittlesey House Preservation Foundation.”  We will provide you with a receipt for your tax deductible donation as required by the IRS.

Ownership and Management:  
The membership of the Albuquerque Press Club owns and manages the WHPF.

None. However, as needed we make use of the APC staff. When we do, the staff is paid by the APC out of APC funds. 100% of WHPF donations go directly to renovation projects.


We are fully funded through the charitable contributions of our supporters.

All of our funding, all of our donations go directly to pay for the renovation of the historic structure, the Whittlesey House. We hire licensed and insured construction professionals to complete the work needed.

Projects Completed:

Foundation/Structure, pool room.     Completed in 2010
Walk-in Cooler:    Completed in 2009
Steam Repipe:     Completed in 2008
Fire Alarm System:    Completed in 2010
Re-Roof and Insulate:    Projected completion late 2013

To-Do list:

Foundation: The building was constructed with wood framing set in earth. This will be a substantial series of projects. We will complete this work when funding is available.

Lowest floor restrooms: Our lowest floor bathrooms are old and failing. They must be removed to make way for the re-construction of stairs. We will first construct new restrooms in the basement area below the existing bar area restrooms.

Handicapped Access: Much of this work is included in the foundation construction and restroom projects but more will be needed. We hope to make the lowest floor all at one level, with accessible restrooms, accessible at grade from the street circle and across the patio.

Restore the Porch: A portion of the porch, the NorthWest Corner, was enclosed in the 1940’s. We wish to restore this area, currently used as our office, to it’s original condition. We would also like to reconstruct the missing portion of the porch, SE area, where we currently have a short bridge.

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