Whittlesey Benefactors

The generous contributions of our benefactors make a real difference.  If you would be willing to make a tax deductible contribution toward the restoration of our historic clubhouse, you may do so with cash, check, or plastic, payments made at the bar or you can mail it to WHPF, 201 Highland Park Circle SE, Albuquerque NM 87102. Make sure we get your name and address so we can mail you a receipt for your tax deduction.  

Cash Contributors
$7,000       Steve Satchwell
$250           Bob Riordan by Steve Satchwell
$5,000       Jim Riordan
$850           Earl Miller

Trade Contributors:

$300 Thom Wright Installation labor, front room gable end windows 06/2015
$200 Thom Wright, installation labor, flashing and siding south and east boardroom and office 06/2015
$200 Thom Wright, labor, caulking, foaming, priming, painting, 10 windows 06/2015
$100 Thom Wright, labor miscellaneous porch and stairwell repairs 06/2015
$200 Thom Wright, labor, roof sealing at fireplace and exhaust fan penetrations 06/2015
 $350 Edison light fixtures and bulbs 1/2015
 $700 Jonathan Wright, Thom Wright, Porch Railing Replacement, floor repair, lighting installation 03/2014
 $1,900 Jonathan Wright, Thom Wright, Install ducting, coolers, wiring, plumbing for 3 new coolers, 03/2014
$900 Ben Barnhart, cooler, March 2014
$150 Michael Banes, cooler ducting, March 2014
$150 Pam Micker, cooler ducting, March 2014
$1,500 Thom Wright, front room ceiling restoration project, labor and project management Jan-Feb 2014
 $24,000 Thom Wright Roofing project construction management, materials management.
$500 Steve Shaw, architectual work on roof project, August 2012
$4,000 Thom Wright Roof project design work, dealing with multiple city departments, Through 2012
$600 Jonathan Wright, Thom Wright, temporary roof repairs (elastomeric coating) July 2012
$2,400 David Miertschin, Architect, provide architectural services for our occupancy rating.  2011
$1,800 Thom Wright, 2010 supply and install door, hardware, closer to replace door destroyed in break-in.
$180 Thom Wright, 2010 supply roof coating/repair materials
$26,000 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2010 Construction services and supervision for the installation of foundations at pool room, the installation of the bridgeway at the flight deck entrance, and the strapping of the logs at the base of the porch.
$6,000 Chris Sanchez, FCS construction, 2010 donated labor for the 2010 renovation project.
$25,000 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2009 Walk-in cooler and beer tap system.
$1,000 Mike Brewer, donated the stainless steel tap box.
$500 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2009 elastomeric coating of roof (temporary patch)
$1,500 Elizabeth Hunter, 2008.  Carpet for flight deck, halls and stairs, paint and painting labor for the front porch and porch railing, paint and painting for the lower floor “ping-pong” room.
$800 Jim Riordan, 2008 Furniture for the front room and flight deck.
$350 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2008 elastomeric coating of roof (temporary patch)
$12,000 Thom Wright, 2008 Excavation, sleeving, wrapping, concrete insulation, and  backfill of new steam piping for heating system.
$350 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2007 elastomeric coating of roof (temporary patch)
$550 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2007, supply and replace one urinal in mens room
$350 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2007 supply and replace one flushometer in mens room
$450 Thom Wright, 2007, Re-build closet off green room as required by health department
$350 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2006 elastomaric coating of roof (temporary patch)
$175 Jonathan Wright, 2006, rebuild faucets in mens and womens rest rooms.
$800 Thom and Jonathan Wright, 2005 Supply and install the Stainless Steel Grill on our patio
$550 Thom Wright, 2005 elastomaric coating of roof (temporary patch)
 $2500 Thom & Jonathan Wright, supply and install stainless steel grill on patio
$250 Maurice Howland, 2000 supply/install lighting at flight deck
$3,500  Thom Wright, 2000, Supply and install temporary shoring in Pool Room
$1,800 Maurice Howland, 1999 renovate upstairs card-room
$250 Thom Wright 1998 supply/install brick hearth on front room fireplace
$3,500 Maurice Howland, 1997 supply/install brick patio.
$1,800 Gary Hubbard, 1996 Front sidewalk and curbing
 $2,000 Steve Satchwell and Mark Miller Excavation work for repairs at front (NE) corner.

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